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Let's chat for 15 to 30 minutes about your business finance solutions and where you want to take it. This will make it easier for our loan consultant to choose the loan product or products that will work best for that strategy.


Your application is examined, and using the information provided, our business loan consultant will find a number of particular lenders whose products fit your needs by matching your criteria with their offerings.


After your acceptance of the loan terms, we typically get a response from those lenders within 24 to 48 hours. Funding can then happen two to three days later.


From $250,000 to $50 Million

Commercial Mortgage Lenders

Complete our short questionnaire, and we will give you a quick estimate

Fix and Flip  Loans

Eligible Properties: Single family, Multi-Family, Mixed Use, Retail, Office, Warehouses, Churches, Vacant land

Complete our short questionnaire, and we will give you a quick estimate

Residential Rental Property Loans

Complete our short questionnaire, and we will give you a quick estimate

Ground Up Construction Loans

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Over 600 loan programs available to suit almost every requirement
Property types include, Multi-family, 1-to 4 units, Warehouse, Mixed use, Self-Storage, MHP’s, Office, light industrial, Auto Repair/Body Shops, Dry Cleaners, Restaurants/Taverns/Bars/Pubs, Non-flagged Hotels/Motels, Light Manufacturing, Convenience Stores, Laundromats, Funeral Homes, Camp Grounds.

Bridge/Rehab Loans, Purchase, or Refi
1 to 4 unit Specialists

Stated Income/Assets Loans

Commercial Real Estate Mortgages

Bank Alternate loans, for less documentation and faster response Rental Investment Property Loans.

Over 25 years experience in Commercial/ Investment Real Estate Industry

Easy Application and Rapid Pre-Approvals (Typically 48 to 72 hours)

Large Project Financing

For businesses taking on large contract jobs or construction projects, keeping finances on track is of the utmost importance. Instead of holding up projects trying to navigate a sea of red tape with traditional lenders, or placing a strain on your cash flow, let us help. Our lenders provide large project financing solutions to keep your big projects in motion.

Financing customized to the size and scope of your large projects.

Funding up to 100 percent on large projects.

Zero payments until the project commences



Residential Rental Properties

Financing from $250,000 to 
$5 million
1 to 4 unit Specialists
Terms up to 30 years for non-owner occupied properties
All property types (Office, Retail, Warehouse, and more)

Commercial Properties

Financing from $250,000 to 
$5 million
Terms up to 30 years for owner and non-owner occupied properties
All property types (Office, Retail, Warehouse, and more)
Purchase property, refinance your existing mortgage or obtain a cash-out mortgage
We're  about making your business dreams happen.
Need to buy real estate? We can help. Need to buy real estate for your business? We've got you covered.
We offer financing on real estate projects including fix and flip loans , commercial construction loans, industrial and retail properties.
We have over 120 lenders and 600 loan products, to suit most situation.

Tax returns do not show enough income to service the loan

 Fico score too low for the bank

Not filing tax returns for whatever reason

IRS issues / liens that need to be settled

Buying a “value add” situation that is not generating enough cash flow currently for a bank to lend

Cash businesses that cannot prove to the bank they can debt service a loan

No time for the long drawn out bank process and extensive documentation

Self-employed and do not have well documented income

Need a fast close in 30 days or less

Cash out in general or to buy other properties


We specialize in Commercial and Investment Real Estate Loans as well as Business loans that the banks will not do!

Commercial Real Estate are essential to the modern market and economy, and Express Capital lending has experience of arranging financing for all types of commercial real estate and businesses loans of all sizes in various property types and industries. Whatever your funding needs are, we work with you to create funding that is specific to your need and project. We know how important it is for you to get the required capital in a timely manner, and we are ready to work with you to close your project or to grow your business.

Our diverse range of commercial real estate and business loans include:

Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit and Financing

Franchise Financing

Personal Loans and Business Credit Cards

Business Lines of credit, Working Capital, Loans and Equipment Leasing

Purchase, Rehab, Refinance, Bridge, and new Construction loans for Commercial and Investment real estate


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Express Business Loan Consultants offers more business loan options, quicker approvals and way less paperwork than your banks.
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