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Mark D. |Sacramento CA
We were referred to you as we were having a problem refinancing our commercial property In Sacramento CA. You were very thorough and knowledgeable about the entire commercial real estate loan process, and found us a loan that fit our specific needs at a very acceptable rate. Also you kept us informed all the way and there were no surprises. Thank you for your professionalism and outstanding customer service. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a commercial loan.
Mark F. Rancho |Cordova CA
I want to thank you for the great job you did in obtaining the commercial loan on my building.I was extremely upset when the bank I had dealt with for over 6 years declined my application due to my income, after having the loan package for over 30 days. A friend referred me to you, and impressed with your straightforward approach and that you explained my options in a way I could understand. You got me a stated income loans, that solved my problem and whole transaction closed in 47 days. Many thanks
Joe N. |Realtor CA
As a realtor, my first duty is to my clients, and therefore I recommend only the best in the business to them. I want to ensure my clients are treated in a professional, courteous, and efficient manner, and that the information given to them is accurate and timely. Colin Clemitson fits all of the above criteria and has demonstrated on many occasions the ability to produce results and ensures that the loan process works. He has consistently enabled my clients to close their loan, and their escrow on time with no surprises. He is one of the “Best of the Best”. Thank you, Colin.
Terry S. | Mortgage Broker
I have been a Mortgage Broker for over 22 years and have established a strong commercial lending relationship with Colin Clemitson. He is a real professional , who is very knowledgeable , courteous and efficient, and offers a wide variety of Commercial loans that are tailored to each individual client. I am highly satisfied with the service that Colin provides and will continue to recommend him to anyone needing a commercial loan.
Steve S. | Banker Auburn CA
As a business development officer with a Community Bank in Auburn, I have known Colin for more than five years, and have referred many commercial loans to him, that fell outside of the lending parameters of the bank. In each case Colin the clients in a professional courteous manner and managed to obtain for most of them a commercial loan that suited their financial needs I would highly recommend Colin Clemitson as a source for unique and unconventional loans.

1700 Eureka Rd. Ste 155-25
Roseville CA 95661



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